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Aerobin FAQ

Aerobin is a revolutionary home and garden waste containment system which allows households to effectively recycle organics at home, which assists in conserving the environment.

Using an Aerobin helps the average household to divert 50% of waste away from landfills, and into compost. Aerobin composts aerobically, a decomposition process which does not give off potent, dangerous, greenhouse gases that occur when organic waste is decomposed anaerobically in landfills. This means that by composting in an Aerobin, you are able to decrease your carbon footprint. The organic compost and diluted leachate produced by the Aerobin can be used as a natural soil conditioner in gardens. Using compost also helps reduce water usage in the same way as putting mulch on your garden.

Aerobin was invented and designed in Australia, which experiences varying climates, from blazing heat in summer to freezing cold in winter. However, the Aerobin has been designed to function in all climates, even in winter, by incorporating integrated thermal insulation into its double-skinned walls and lid.

Aerobin will take home and garden organic waste. Some examples include, vegetable peelings, food scraps, soft green garden prunings, lawn clippings, newspaper, leaves and more. See “What can go in the bin?” on the instruction leaflet accompanying each new Aerobin for more details.

No meat, because Aerobin operates on the basis of aerobic decomposition, and meat or food that is cooked or processed will not decompose aerobically. Citrus and Onions are fine, both will compost faster if roughly chopped before placing it into the Aerobin.

Aerobin will create the first compost in about twelve weeks from the time organic waste is first added to the bin; however, a continuous cycle of feeding waste from the top and taking compost out of the bottom occurs continuously.

Leachate is the collected moisture that is drained from the compost as it decomposes, and is collected in a leachate tank contained at the base of your Aerobin. Compost is like a sponge, and as its volume decreases, it cannot hold all the moisture it originally held. Leachate can be a rich source of micro-organisms and mineral nutrients for your garden.

Leachate can be drained directly onto the garden or watered onto flower beds via a watering can. Leachate however must never be used in a spray as airborne particles can cause respiratory problems. Please observe appropriate handling precautions.

Access panels are provided at the bottom of the bin on both sides. Lift the panel vertically, using the handle, to unlock, then pull the unlocked panel outwards and away from the bin. When replacing the panel, first push it in, then downward firmly. A slight click will be felt as the panel locks, which prevents unwanted entry by pets or vermin.

In most jurisdictions it is illegal to put carnivore (meat eating animal) faeces in the Aerobin. However, herbivore (grass/plant eating animal manure such as, horse, cattle, goat, sheep, poultry manure etc) can be included. Remember that all animal faeces may carry harmful pathogens, as may all finished compost, and appropriate precautions should be always be observed when handling. See the instruction leaflet accompanying your new Aerobin for appropriate handling precautions.

Aerobin does not need worms to operate and will break down organic waste material without them. However, worms are good for all composting and the small holes in the bottom of the Aerobin may allow worms to enter.

Worms may die if placed at the top of the bin due to the high temperatures that may occur from aerobic composting, however, worms should survive and thrive at the bottom of the bin and will greatly enhance the composting process. One benefit of the Aerobin is that you do not need to look after the worms or worry about leaving them alone when you go on holidays.

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Air Mask FAQ

-Devoid of particle absorption filter technology, removing the hassle of replacing the filter frequently.
– Low power consumption.
– Minimal noise when the device is operational.
– Inspired by the filtering methods of nature, the anions present in the device act similarly to cleaning the air, thereby, making it environmentally friendly.
– Ideal for daily use ( 24/7,365 days a year)
Why choose AIR MASK over any other ionizer?
We use cutting-edge technology, offering an ozone-free ion diffusion performance.
AIR MASK is an innovative air sterilization device that produces 100% negative ions efficiently to an area of 1000 sq. Ft. and 10,000 cu.

Ft and produces no positive ions or ozone that is harmful in nature. This is also the only device tested effective against the SARS-CoV-2 Virus. It was tested at RGCB, Trivandrum (Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology) which is ICMR’s approved testing lab under the Government of INDIA.

The test reports states that AIR MASK is efficient in rupturing the viral envelope of SARS-CoV-2 in just 15 minutes, reducing the COVID Viral load by 99.9%. The device has also been tested against other viruses, such as E. coli and MS2 bacteriophage. This device works at a lower voltage, ensuring complete safety and efficiency in terms of area covered and cost.

Trillions of electrons that are generated per second from the AIRMASK, neutralizing the protein spikes on the virus.

– Scientific studies prove that negative ions are eco-friendly and a liveliness enhancer. Therefore, a large quantity of negative ion generations are 100% safe. (Refer to www.wolfprotektion.com for research papers).
– Non-emitter of ozone.
– Low consumption of electrical power.
– Offers immediate protection.
The ions emitted from the AIR MASK attach themselves on particles suspended in the air such as combustion particles (typical urban pollution), microorganisms (pollen, mould spores, bacteria, virus), and SVOCs (semi-volatile organic compounds, a category of gas pollutants increasingly scrutinized by air and eliminate them instantly.

Ionization of the air occurs when the air enters a particular state called cold plasma. This state of matter releases electrons from gaseous molecules into the air; these electrons then recombine with other molecules to form ions. For air to enter this state, a strong electric field is necessary. This state can be found in nature; the spectacle offered by the aurora borealis is due to the light emitted by the cold plasma in the atmosphere. In an ionizer, the plasma area is confined to the ultra-fine point of needles. Furthermore, the electric field works in such a way that it does not exceed values that can make it too energetic and cause chemical recombination leading to the creation of toxic chemicals, such as ozone. (For research paper visit www.wolfprotektion.com)

The electron avalanche or presence of ions can be detected one foot near the AIR MASK using an electricity tester device. Ion detectors and counters are available on the market and can be provided to the customers upon request.

To our knowledge, no data showed the harmful effects of NAIs (Negative Air Ions) on humans/animals. Superoxide ions are prominent members of NAIs, and are involved in the biological effects of NAIs by regulating serotonin levels and other organic actions. Some research studies showed shreds of evidence of NAIs being useful in removing PM (Particulate Matter), including ultrafine PM, providing an alternative way to clean indoor air, especially during haze episodes. We have also reviewed the plant based NAI system by PEF stimulation that occurs in nature, and found it to be as same as our ionizer. The system used is to refresh indoor air and reduce PM concentration in addition to enriching the oxygen level around us.

Yes. AIR MASK is effective in rupturing the microbes/viruses including SARS-CoV-2, providing safe air to breathe.
We recommend that you always keep the AIR MASK turned ON in order to obtain the best air quality.

The AIR MASK emits around 10 to 100 trillion
electrons per second (according to a reading taken using
an industrial-grade ion counter). When emitted, these
electrons combine immediately with hydroxyl molecules to
form ions. This estimated reading was carried out by
measuring the electric flux that came out from the needles
of the ionic optics of the device. This current, though
extremely weak, is a site for large quantities of electrons.

To maintain your AIR MASK, dust it regularly (2 to 4) times a year depending on the level of pollution in your. Your device needs to be wiped when you can see a visible layer of thin dust on the front panel. To remove this dust, use a dry, non-fibrous cloth, towel, feather duster or soft brush and brush it gently over the surface.

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