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Who are we?

Edcol global is established in 2001, Edcol is an independent distributor providing for the supply chain needs of the automotive manufacturing industry

Our mission is to seek to help our customers locate required components & materials at competitive prices. We also aid customers in the disposal of unused inventory at market rates.

Besides components, we are the distributors of the Aerobin Compost Bin and the Air Mask Ionizer based Air Purifier. These products support the company’s direction of advancing towards a clean and green environment.

What componets do we provide as a Automotive Components Supplier?

Edcol global supplies auto parts to help our customers locate required components & materials. Any materials that are needed will be Located by us, we also aid customers in disposing of unused inventory at market rates, we will do our best to seek your needs. Here are some components we supply:

For More Products Listed:

1. Air Mask Negative Ion Air Purifier


Air Mask Negative Ion Air Purifier by edcol global Air Mask Negative Ion Air Purifier

The Air Mask quickly purifies the surrounding atmosphere by neutralizing harmful bacteria & viruses in the air, discharging up to 100 trillion negative ions per cm3/s. These ions reach out to neutralize viruses and bacteria in the air. The Air Mask is a plug & play device with no maintenance or filter change needed while having a life span of 6 years under continuous operation.


Air Mask Negative Ion Air Purifier by edcol global Air Mask Negative Ion Air Purifier

Compared to all the HEPA filters on the market, which incur recurring costs due to the constant replacement of its filters, the Air Mask requires no maintenance and changing of filters.

Furthermore, HEPA filters inefficiently drag harmful pollutants and micro-organisms into the machine, creating a biohazard. However, the Air Mask generates and releases ions out of the generator to neutralize pollutants, avoiding the risk of biohazards and preventing the need for filters.


Air Mask Negative Ion Air Purifier by edcol global Air Mask Negative Ion Air Purifier

The AIR MASK is an innovative air sterilization device that uses “Plasma Air Sterilization Technology” providing 99.9% real-time protection from all kinds of Bacteria, Viruses, especially the SARS CoV2 virus, as well as fungi, allergens, cigarette smoke, and pollution in an enclosed space. Silent yet effective, the Air Mask provides 360-degree and 24/7 protection to all in its vicinity.

2. Aerobin Compost Bin


Aerobin compost bin by edcol global

Using a patented lung® within an insulated bin, it promotes the aerobic and efficient breakdown of organic matter, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Developed by an Australian company, this new technology came about due to the concern over the carbon cycle on Earth.


Aerobin compost bin by edcol global

Simply open the lid, drop in organic waste and close the bin. After a short time, fertile compost is produced, which is easily accessible from either side. The Aerobin captures liquid nutrients that can be used as fertilizer. The compost releases nutrients from organic matter which help to support plant growth and enrich the soil.


Aerobin compost bin by edcol global

Hot composting is beneficial because it creates good quality compost in a short time by killing pathogens and inoculating weeds and seeds. A variety of substances such as food scraps (including onion and citrus), tea leaves, lawn clippings, leaves, twigs and even newspaper (scrunched) will encourage microbial action to produce compost. The thermal insulation in the Aerobin stabilizes temperature, encouraging microbial action all year round.

To learn more about areobin click here to learn more


Edcol global provides most items that have been listed above. Do check out our site links to find more about the components that are available. we look forward to working with you, for any enquiries click here and ask away.

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